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Visa Policy for Indians to visit Bali, Indonasia

Bali is a beautiful place and popular touris destinations known as the land of the Gods, looming valcanoes, rice fields and surfers paradise.

Bali witness million of tourists every year from all over the world to enjoy the beauty, piece and fresh air with the breathtaking view.

Bali Government has a liberal visa policey for many countrires including India. If anyone visiting Bali from India do not need visa for staying less than 30 days.

Around 3 lac tourists from India visit Bali every year to cheris the beauty of temples, beaches, volcanic peaks.

Here is the guide with respect to visa requirements, and documents required for visa on arrival for people planning to vist Bali. You will also need a travel insurance plan mostly comes with the airline ticket mandatory or optional if it does not come, you should inquire an insurance comany to opt for travel insuramce policy to cover any mishappenings.

You must declare your purpose of visit and duration of stay in Bali befroe granting a visa from Bali Authority.

Visa on Arrival

Shorter stay less than 30 days in Bali do not call for Visa, however you need to put on a stamp be marked with a Visa exclusion at the Airport;s Custome Office.

Purpose other than tourism require different visa category and you need to inquire about and apply for an appropirate visa mathes to your purpose.

Visa Duration

Visa on arrival can be granted to people planning to stay 30-60 days for entertainment purpose. A visa on arrival can be obtained at the customer counter by paying Rs 2400 after arriving Indonasia airport. Visa on arrival is valid for 60 days and can be extended by paying additional Rs 3008.

It takes around one week or so to get the visa approval

Four Type of Visa for Indians

  1. Short Stay Visa for less then 30 days - This visa is usually available at the airport custome office. Every indian is allowed to stay in Bali for less than 30 days with this visa.

  2. Bali Tourist Visa for 30-60 days- Bali Tourist Visa can be obtained after your arrival at the Indosian Airport and this visa can be extended once your 60 days up for an additional fee for Rs 2400 per visitor.

  3. Cultural and Social Visa- This type of visa can allow you to stay in Bail for 60 days for official government work, journalism for making video and tv films. To obtain this VISA B 211 Cultural and Social visa. you need to have a sponsor letter stating about your purpose.

  4. Long stay visa- This visa is granted to poeple intends to stay in Bali beyond the duration of 60 days

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